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There is no other accessory for men and women as timeless as a watch. Before the days of smartphones telling us the time in hundreds of locations, and before the wristwatch could set alarms, we had the elegant pocket watch. Typically attached to the inner pockets of a trench coat or suit jacket through a chain, the antique vibe and utter simplicity of pocket watches are making a come back in men’s fashion all around North America.

The early 16th century brought upon the pocket watch craze in Europe, originating in Germany and Italy. Everything from the style of the case to embroidered symbols on the cover could tell you a lot about the man carrying it. That sense of classic elegance is making a wave once again, and now it isn’t uncommon for guys to sport a pocket watch at business meetings and elaborate dinner parties.

If you are looking to make your first step into the world of pocket watches, or perhaps are needing inspiration for a new timepiece to add to your collection, we’ve searched the Internet to find the top trending pocket watches that will up your style in a heartbeat.

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